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Mini Preschool

Fall 2024 Registration

Mini Preschool Registration for the 2024 Fall Sessions will begin on July 22, 2024 at 8:00 am

What is Mini Preschool? 

Mini Preschool is a child's first introduction into the world of school. Mini-Preschool allows a school opportunity for those children that are not yet age-eligible for preschool. Our children can socialize with peers and separate from caregivers in a comfortable school environment. Mini-Preschool allows your child to ease into routines of school with short sessions for family-friendly flexibility. Mini-Preschool is the bridge to the Half-Day Preschool programs.

Children must be age 30 months by the start of the session. Mini-Preschool takes place at all three Early Childhood Center locations.  Please see the page for the location of your choice for more details and how to register.

The class will focus on beginning social interactions, sensory motor exploration, and play experiences to promote language, motor and cognitive skills while nurturing and supporting their emotional development. A regular routine of stories, music, play and construction will ensure a fun way to learn more about the preschoolers' world. Children will learn about playing and cooperating with others throughout the daily routine. Class size is limited to 10.

  • All online applications will be dated and timed upon submission. Once the maximum enrollment is reached, please call to be added to the waitlist.
  • Mini-Preschool does not refund for inclement weather or for child illness.