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Full-Day Preschool

Rockwood Full Day Preschool provides working families with the convenience of a comprehensive preschool program where children are engaged in rich academic and social experiences in a warm, welcoming environment. This program's hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Full-Day Preschool features multi-age groupings for two, three or five days per week. The program is open 12 months per year.

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Half-Day Preschool

Rockwood Half-Day Preschool provides a comprehensive three hour program with multiple sessions in the morning or afternoon. Half-Day Preschool features multi-age groupings for two, three or four days per week. This program develops an increased understanding of the world by involving children in a variety of rich academic and social experiences, all within a warm welcoming environment.

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Mini-Preschool is a child's first introduction into the world of school. Mini-Preschool allows a school opportunity for those children that are not yet age-eligible for preschool. Our children can socialize with peers and separate from caregivers in a comfortable school environment. Mini-Preschool allows your child to ease into routines of school with short sessions for family-friendly flexibility.

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