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Social, Emotional, and Behavior Supports

The Rockwood Early Childhood program supports student's social/emotional/ behavior needs through Character Education and Response to Intervention. Universal supports are strategies available to all students to support their social/emotional/behavior development by teaching expected behaviors. Our goals are to create and maintain safe learning environments for the children in our program and to teach them the social skills they will need in school and in life.

Program wide expectations are reinforced throughout the curriculum by emphasizing the same four Superstar expectations:

The Superstar Code

We take care of...


each other,

our school,

and our world.

Social Skills

Social skills are just like pre-academic skills—they must be taught and practiced. Everyone teaches the children what appropriate behavior looks like throughout the day. For example, "We take care of ourselves in the hallway when we use our walking feet and keep our hands to ourselves."

Adults model the behavior for the children, give the children many opportunities to practice the behavior, and point out when the children are taking care of themselves, each other, their school, and their world.

Care Teams

Care teams are a team of Early Childhood staff who meet regarding support for a child at school. Parents will be informed of the care team meetings about their child. The goal is for the team to offer supports through suggested strategies.

Mentor Program

The goal of the mentor program is to provide personal support and encouragement to a child in need. Research shows mentoring has a positive effect on academics and behavior. The mentor is always encouraging and positive.