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Parent-Teacher Organization

Our PTO represents the entire Early Childhood Program, which includes teachers, staff, parents, and caregivers with children in the Early Childhood Program across 11 locations in the district, as well as those participating in the Parents as Teachers Program.

Our bylaws state the objectives of our organization are:

  • To promote the welfare and education of children and youth eligible to attend the Rockwood School District Early Childhood Program in the home, schools, and community.
  • To support the department in improving education in ways that will adhere to administrative policy and the Rockwood School District's mission, goals, and beliefs.
  • To raise funds for programs and equipment to further the education of children and youth.
  • To bring about a closer relationship between the home and the school, that parents and teachers may work cooperatively in the education of children and youth.
  • To foster communication, cooperation, support, information, and education within the Rockwood School District, including District staff, parents, and the general community.

To fulfill these objectives, the PTO provides many services, including the organization of age-appropriate activities via our meet up site. We host fundraisers to provide books, equipment, and educational programs to Early Childhood classrooms and the Parents as Teachers Program. Our Grant Program has supplied Listening Centers, Speech Therapy Backpacks, Butterfly Gardens, Little Red Toolboxes Kits, Outdoor Play Equipment, and other educational and fun programs for our Early Childhood classrooms.

Take a look at our calendar and see which events you would like to participate in. This is a great way to get involved in your child's education and meet some other Early Childhood families. You can fill out the Parent Volunteer Form and return it to your center or Parent Educator.