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Why Choose Us?

Early Childhood Education is where character education begins! Rockwood Early Childhood program has been named a State School of Character for its exemplary work related to character development in young learners.

The Rockwood Early childhood Center has a long standing reputation for excellence in educating children from birth to kindergarten entrance in programs including: Parents As Teachers, Screenings, Mini-Preschool, Half-Day Preschool, Full-Day Preschool, Diagnostics and Special Education.

All teachers are certified by the State of Missouri in Early Childhood Education and/or Early Childhood Special Education.

The Early Childhood Preschool program has a board-approved curriculum that is aligned with the high standards of Rockwood Curriculum.

Rockwood's Early Childhood program has resources available to meet the individualized needs of their learners.

Rockwood Early Childhood Shared Belief Statements

  • We believe creating a classroom community that supports social emotional growth is the foundation to children’s future success.
  • We believe each child should have the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe, supportive, least restrictive environment.
  • We believe that children need and deserve a safe and nurturing environment in order to learn.
  • We believe building relationships with peers and staff prepare students for a positive lifelong learning experience.
  • We believe in building positive relationships with families through collaboration, communication, and family connections.
  • We believe in meaningful hands-on learning through play.
  • We believe early intervention supports learning and development and is the key/ foundation to lifelong success. E.C.= E.I.

Why Choose Rockwood Early Childhood Education?

School Board Approved Curriculum!

Rockwood Early Childhood has designed our own curriculum taking into consideration State Standards, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, Rockwood Kindergarten standards and Early Childhood research. All of these components lead to a curriculum that allows children to learn at their individual pace. Our Curriculum has been reviewed by Rockwood Curriculum Coordinators and has been approved by the Rockwood School Board.

State Certified Degreed Teachers!

At Rockwood Early Childhood our teachers are certified by the state of Missouri in Early Childhood Education or Early Childhood Special Education. We have many teachers with masters and higher degrees. Several of our teachers hold a National Board Certified Teaching Certificates. Our Quality staff is dedicated to supporting children at every level of their development.

Low Student/Teacher Ratios!

We maintain lower class sizes in order to meet the needs of our students. We pride ourselves on at least one educator for every eight students, which is a 1:8 ratio during the preschool portion of the day.


Rockwood Early Childhood recognizes that the learner of tomorrow will interact in learning using technology. In response to this we have equipped our classrooms with Smart Boards and iPads. Interacting with technology in a purposeful and intentional format allows children the exposure to technology and maintains the integrity of Early Childhood.

Rich and Engaging Classrooms!

Pretend play is the driving force of our curriculum. Children and teachers develop pretend themes that reflect the ideas of the children. Children and teachers then work together to create the theme inside the classroom using child made props.

Parent/Teacher Conferences!

Parent Conferences are formally held twice a year. At that time, teachers will show and discuss artifacts of student progress. Parents are encouraged to contact their teacher at any time they feel a need arises.

Purposeful Play!

The Early Childhood program is a time of exploration and play. Working with that natural inclination, we infuse pretend play themes (ex. Bakery, Zoo, Pets, etc.) and allow children to explore through pretend play. This play allows children to grow and learn in areas such as Social Development, Emotional Development, Cognitive skills, Fine motor and Gross Motor. Child-made props allow children ownership of the play and teachers infuse opportunities for purposeful writing.

Positive Approach to Learning!

Through use of the Character Education Model, we establish a positive climate for children and families. Our simple school Caring Codes allow for positive interactions.