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Special Occasions

Participating in periodic special events contributes towards building a bond and a sense of community for the children, their families, and the staff. To ensure that everyone feels included these celebrations will not center on exclusive themes.

Fall celebrations might include harvest or pumpkin themes. Winter events might focus on snow or mittens, and a February celebration will be focused around friendship. Other special occasions might include Read Across America Day, Literacy, Earth Day, or Teddy Bear Picnic.

Many efforts are made to value and demonstrate an appreciation for the diversity of all of our children and families in our program. We invite and encourage children and families to share customs and traditions with the class throughout the year. Through this, we learn to appreciate the differences among us and honor and affirm our similarities.


Birthdays are important milestones in the lives of young children. Birthdays place children in the center of attention for one wonderful day each year.

A light, healthy snack; a chorus of "Happy Birthday"; and the attention of friends and teachers are the only ingredients needed to make this day special in an Early Childhood classroom. If the teacher has provided a list of foods to avoid sending into the classroom (i.e. nuts), be sure to check food product labels to be sure it does not contain the item teacher specified. Otherwise the item will not be able to be served.

The preschool staff will hand out invitations for birthday parties, etc. only when the entire class is invited.