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Personal Items and Clothing

The classrooms are adequately equipped with materials of special interest to young children. Personal toys, money and jewelry are to be left at home. It is difficult to be responsible for personal play items, as they can be easily damaged or misplaced at school.

At various times during the year your child will have opportunities to bring a special personal item for sharing.

We recommend that children wear play clothes that are practical, comfortable, and washable. The National Safety Council advises, "...parents should avoid letting children wear shoes with sling backs or open toes." They further advise that, "Tennis shoes are the better choice for children." Therefore the wearing of Crocs, flip-flops, or sandals is discouraged. The staff understands that children will have occasional toileting accidents. To assist children with self-help skills, we recommend dressing them in clothing they can zip, snap, and unbutton by themselves. If you would like you may put an extra set in your child's backpack.

We will go outside for large muscle activities whenever the weather is not too severe. Be sure your child is adequately dressed so they may enjoy the outdoor play. All children are expected to participate in outside activities. Be sure to put the child’s name on all garments that are removable, as there will be many look-alikes. For safety purposes we recommend that children not wear loose, dangling items (jewelry and long drawstrings on coats) that could get caught in playground equipment.