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Daily Schedule

The daily routine provides a variety of active learning periods for children with a range of experiences and interactions. The Rockwood preschool classroom will incorporate the following periods in their daily schedule.

Center Choice Time

This is generally the longest period of the day. It is designed to build on and strengthen children’s natural interests, capacity for initiative, and problem-solving skills. The children choose and work among the different areas of the room: Art, Library, Discovery, Blocks, and Pretend.

Small Group Time

This time is reserved for activities that the staff has chosen for a particular purpose/curriculum objective. Small groups consist of 4-9 children.

Large Group Time

This time builds a sense of community for children. Children and adults come together for singing, movement and music activities, storytelling, re-enactments of stories and events, and class voting and decision making.

Outside Time

This time of the day is designed for vigorous, noisy, physical play.