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Arrival and Dismissal

A department-wide safety program is utilized to increase parking lot safety. Please help us model appropriate behavior and keep all children safe. Students practice safe walking to school and are reminded to hold a hand at the time of dismissal.

  • Drive SLOWLY and CAUTIOUSLY in the parking lot when entering and exiting.
  • Children must ALWAYS HOLD AN ADULT'S HAND in the parking lot and as you enter the school.
  • Please use your Super Star WALKING FEET as you walk in the parking lot and hallway.
  • BACK UP CAUTIOUSLY . Check all mirrors carefully and back out very slowly.
  • SUPERVISE YOUR CHILDREN . Children should not be playing around cars or unattended on the sidewalks in front of the school.
  • NEVER LEAVE A CHILD UNATTENDED IN YOUR CAR while bringing a preschooler into school. On behalf of the child we will contact authorities if you do.
  • Parents are expected to walk their children into the Vandover, Clarkson Valley, and Eureka Early Childhood Centers and wait with them until the teacher opens the classroom door. Children will not be released to anyone under age 16.

Hold a hand, use walking feet and stay with an adult while on school grounds!

Dismissal Procedures

  1. A child shall be released from the facility only to the child's custodial parent(s) or guardian or the person(s) listed in Infinite Campus. Children will not be released to anyone under age 16. This policy is strictly enforced for your child's safety.
  2. If your child is covered by a Court Order, we will abide by the Order provided we receive a certified copy of the Order. We cannot violate the terms of a Court Order, and we hope to work amicably with all family members to best serve the needs of the child.
  3. Your child may be released to the custody of local authorities if not picked up within a reasonable time and the school is closed.
  4. If your child requires transportation as a related service, an adult must be present (over the age of 16) for your child to be released. If an adult is not present, your child will be brought back to school and an adult will be called.